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This product range includes object formwork and formwork inserts for the production of curved and double-curved fair-faced concrete components.

Due to a new production technology PURAcrete GmbH has the possibility to offer formworks in this segment at a significantly reduced price.

Complex, freely formed concrete components such as facades in the precast sector can be produced, but also formwork elements for in-situ concrete structures.

In order to achieve perfect results, we recommend project support as early as possible. Due to our experience in this field we can offer services around the product. Your requirements for the component are coordinated with the manufacturing process and the assembly concept.

+ inexpensive production of free-form components

+ especially suitable for use with SCC and UHPC

+ targeted product adaptation to specific requirements

+ Comprehensive range of services

+ Improved surface quality through drainage effect

+ Venting at undercuts and cover surfaces

+ Higher surface density of concrete

+ Multiple use possible


An alternative use of the mechanically stable forms, apart from the production of concrete components, is also conceivable. Here your ideas and approaches are in demand.

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